In 2014 ANNA NIA started to build up her own fashion label.
The collections are characterized by reduced, simple silhouettes and clear, elegant cuts, which combines timeless, sartorial elegance with classic sportsmanship.
To link the cut with the perfect fabric and find delicate and special combinations of colours and haptics is the importance of every collection.

The focus is set on a very high value on fair production and highquality fabrics.
The fabrics come from Switzerland or Italy. All materials are of best quality, carefully chosen.
ANNA NIA designs regularly two basic collections a year, produced in Switzerland.
The STUDIO# COLLECTION is an addition to the basic collections and is made in her Atelier in Zurich, in very limited editions. 
The entire collections are exclusively sold in her own store at the very central location Torgasse 7, 8001 in Zürich.